Hartland Orchard

Hartland Orchard Rules

  1. Upon entering Hartland Orchard, the customer agrees that Hartland Orchard shall not be held responsible for any accident or injury occuring on the premises.
  2. You must check in and check out.
  3. Please listen carefully to check-in personnel for instructions as to variety location, areas to pick, etc. Do not hesitate to ask us for assistance at any time during your visit.
  4. Be cautious driving in the orchard. Drive slowly and watch out for rocks and holes.
  5. Please observe picking hours.
  6. We welcome entire families. Please keep close watch on children.
  7. Please pick up your trash so the orchard remains clean for others.
  8. Do not break limbs.
  9. Please open your vehicle's trunk, tool boxes, and other containers, including coolers, when checking out.
  10. Please take advantage of the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoy the outdoors!

Hartland Orchard, Inc. P.O. Box 124, 3064 Hartland Lane Markham, VA 22643

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