Hartland Orchard

Welcome To Hartland Orchard!


9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

We Take Cash & Checks Only

It is always a good idea to call before you visit us for daily changes in crop availability.


We are picking apples. Call ahead for the latest info.

Pick Your Own

Cherries Late June (Season over)

Blueberries late June to July (Season over)

Peaches July, August (Season over)

Apples August, September, October


We are now in the apple season. I'm sorry, there are no more peaches for pick your own. Apples are large and plentiful this year. Apples are $10 per peck or $20 per half bushel. Containers are provided.

Thanks again,

--Bill and Sharon Green for Hartland Orchard

Hartland Orchard, Inc. P.O. Box 124, 3064 Hartland Lane Markham, VA 22643

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