Hartland Orchard

Welcome To Hartland Orchard!

Hours 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Our 2023 Season is gearing up.

We Take Cash & Checks Only

It is always a good idea to call before you visit us for daily changes in availability.


Our 2023 season will start with cherries on Monday, June 12th.

Pick Your Own

Cherries June - 12th

Blueberries late June to July

Peaches July, August

Apples September, October

The 2023 Picking Season Starts with Cherries

The 2023 picking season will begin Monday, June the 12th with pick-your-own sweet and sour cherries. The sweet cherries will likely be picked out in 2 days. We estimate the sour cherries will last until the 18th. 1/4 Peck bags are $15. We also have honey and jellies for sale. Please call ahead because fruit availability is constantly changing. Thanks again for visiting.

--Bill and Sharon Green for Hartland Orchard

Hartland Orchard, Inc. P.O. Box 124, 3064 Hartland Lane Markham, VA 22643

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