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Apples at Hartland
Apple CratesAt Hartland Orchard, we're adding new varieties of apples every year! The following list shows our crop for the 2013 apple season. For more information about apple types, recipes, and uses, visit the Virginia Apple Growers Association website.

We've also planted the young trees of Gala, Braeburn, Nittany, Fuji. These apples will be available.

Apple Varieties: Used For:
Lodi Cooking
Gala Eating
Rambo Cooking
Macintosh Cooking/Eating
Greening Cooking
Grimes Golden Cooking/Eating
Cortland Cooking/Eating
Jonathan Cooking/Eating
Golden Delicious Cooking/Eating
Jonagold Cooking/Eating
Red Delicious Eating
Smokehouse Cooking
Winsap Cooking/Eating
Rome Beauty Cooking/Eating
Stayman Cooking/Eating
York Cooking/Eating
Grannysmith Cooking/Eating

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